Monday Moon Post: Silver-White and Crystal Clear

Beautiful and magical. Inspiring. I love it. Any time I get to witness an exceptionally beautiful moon I always say Hello and Thank You. I feel watched over and protected.
moon pale 

Silly? Weird? Eccentric? Maybe so, but this is me. I have worked hard to accept and like the quirky parts of myself. And on that note, check this out- International spiritual teacher, Osho, once said:

“The moment you pass the boundary of this life into the universal you have to leave everything behind. You cannot take anything with you except yourself. That’s why all intelligent people in the world have been only interested to know about themselves, to find themselves, because that is the only thing you have brought into the world, and that is the only thing you are going to take out of the world.”

osho rajneesh

Lovely words, Osho. Lovely as the moon.

Speaking of which- back to the moon and my first ever Monday Moon Post. It’s clear that Charlotte Bronte definitley had a reverence for the moon, descriptions of it and references to it are throughout her novel Jane Eyre. (One of my favorites!) I suspect that the moon inspired a sense of wonder and magic in her.

Charlotte, I can so relate.
My birthday is in July, my sign is Cancer. Ruling planet: The Moon. ( :
I know the moon isn’t a planet, so I guess it should be called my ruling. . . celestial body?

The following are quotes from the novel Jane Eyre:

“I am not at all afraid of being out late when it is moonlight….”

moon window silver white“…when the moon, which was full and bright, came in her course to that space in the sky opposite my casement, and looked in at me through the unveiled panes, her glorious gaze roused me. Awaking in the dead of night, I opened my eyes on her disk– silver-white and crystal clear. It was beautiful, but too solemn…”

“He saw me, for the moon had opened a blue field in the sky, and rode in it watery bright.”

“The east had its own charm of fine deep blue, and its own modest gem, a rising and solitary star; soon it would boast the moon, but she was yet beneath the horizon.”

“…for I am to take mademoiselle to the moon, and there I shall seek a cave in one of the white valleys among the volcano-tops, and mademoiselle shall live with me there…”

“…the moon appeared momentarily… her disk was blood-red and half overcast. She seemed to throw on me one bewildered, dreary glance, and buried herself again instantly in the deep drift of cloud.” moon red

“…the sea, which I could hear from thence, rumbled dull like an earthquake- black clouds were casting up over it; the moon was setting in the waves, broad and red, like a hot cannon-ball– she threw her last bloody glance over a world quivering with the ferment of tempest.”

“On the hill top above me sat the rising moon; pale yet as a cloud, but brightening momentarily…”

moon pale


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