Monday Moon Post: Moon Dance

We can dance if you want
Must be a full moon,
Feels like one of those nights.
Brandy, Full Moon

Now bring my boys in.
Their skin, it craters like the moon.
The moon we love like a brother, while he glows through the room.
Dancing around the lies we tell, dancing around big eyes as well.
Even the comatose, they don’t dance and tell.
Lorde, Team

The moon was full in the sky; it rose early before the sun had set and did not set again until after the sun rose; the moon spent the entire night crossing the sky , illuminating the dancers in an unearthly glow, casting their shadows across the plains as if the earth itself danced. . . all who danced lit by moonlight.
Jim Fergus, One Thousand White Women

Dance Under the Moonlight Ganjar Rahayu-

Dance Under the Moonlight
Ganjar Rahayu-

Beautiful full moon
Hanging low in the night sky
Amazing wonder

Shuffling my feet
Moving to your subtle beat
Slow circles I make

She begins to sway
Slow twirls, skirt filling out
She moves to your grace

Apart though we are
Our ritual has begun
Full moon serenade

Together we meet
Dancing to your full moon tune
Connected by you
Full Moon Dance by Stephen Kellog


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