Monday Moon Post: Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy

Something very unexpected happened when I read Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy- I understand now, much more than I did before, why my husband loves me. I’ll have to explain that some other time, or maybe you already know what I mean, no explanation necessary. Another unexpected thing that came from reading this amazing book: inspiration for my next moon post.

I adored the 2 previous Bridget Jones installments, and I loved this one too. Still true to the-oh-so-real-and-remarkably-relatable-Bridget, this book is HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard I cried! Literally, there are now a few of my tears on 2 of the pages. Mad About The Boy also has some really unexpected sweet moments, such as the following:

11.46 p.m.  Just heard a thud. One of them is out of bed.

Midnight.  Mabel had got down from the bunk bed and was standing, silhouetted, in her little pyjamas, against the window. I went and knelt beside her.

‘There’s the moon,’ she said. She turned to me, solemnly, and confided, ‘It followth me.’

The moon was full and white above the little garden. I started to say, ‘Well, the thing is, Mabel, the moon-‘
‘And . . .’ she interrupted. ‘Dat owl.’
I looked to where she was pointing. There, on the garden wall, was a barn owl, white in the moonlight, staring at us, unblinking.

‘Shut de curtainth,’ said Mabel and started closing the curtains in a bossy, businesslike way.  ‘It’s all right. Dey’re watching over us.’
She clambered up into the top bunk. ‘Do de Baby Printheth.”
. . .  I held her hand and said the bedtime verse Mark had made up for her when she was just born:

‘For the Baby Princess is as sweet as she is fair, and as gentle as she is beautiful, and as kind as she is lovely. And wherever she goes, and whatever she does, Mummy and Daddy will always love her. Just because she’s lovely, and because she’s-‘

‘-Mabel!’ she finished.

‘And the thoughts,’ said Billy sleepily.

I could hear Mark’s voice as I whispered, “All the thoughts are going away. Just like the little birds in their nests, and the rabbits in their rabbit holes. The thoughts don’t need Billy and Mabel tonight. The world will turn without them. The moon will shine without them. And all Billy and Mabel need to do is rest and sleep.


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