Final Thoughts: The Wolf Gift

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I am a little more than half way through The Wolf Gift and . . . Well, it’s different than what I usually read, and definitely not in line with the type of story that I usually go for. However, there are things that I do like about it.
The huge, old, mysterious house is still, somewhat, satisfying my “castle craving.” There is almost always rain tapping on the diamond-pane windows and always a fire burning in the large ornate fireplaces of just about every room in the house. The characters have also just discovered an inner secret room. What’s even better, and what makes it a good Halloween read, is that this secret room is covered in dust and cobwebs and appears to have been abandoned decades ago. It’s filled with rows and rows of old dusty books, including old medical journals, as well as really old, out dated, creepy laboratory equipment. It even has cages.

. . . they peered through on open doorway into a vast room. Books there were aplenty on shelves everywhere, covered in dust and cobwebs, but this was no simple library, not by any means. Tables crowded the center of the room, most of them filled with scientific equipment- beakers, Bunsen burners . . . test tubes, small boxes, stacks of glass slides, bottles, jars. One long table was entirely draped with a grayish threadbare cloth. All was encrusted with dust.
“Microscopes,” said Reuben. “Primitive, antiques. . . “It’s old, all of it very old. Things like this haven’t been used in decades.”

Laura pointed. At the farthest end of the room from them, and from the light, stood several giant rectangular cages, rusted, seemingly ancient, like the cages for primates at a zoo.
Reuben felt a reflexive horror take hold of him looking at these cages. Cages for beasts? He moved slowly towards them. He opened one immense door that groaned and creaked on its hinges. Old locks, dangling from chains . . .

Now if that doesn’t make you want to read the book I don’t know what will!
There is plenty of mystery in this book and also a lot of gore- blood, guts and murder.
So the book does have a lot of factors that make it a good Halloween read, even if a lot of it isn’t the type of stuff I like in a book. (i.e. Blood, guts and murder)

It also has a lot of sex. And this is annoying the crap out of me because I hate- I absolutely hate, loath, and despise reading books that contain “sex scenes.” I avoid it if at all possible, but I will tolerate it if it is kept to a minimum. Well, The Wolf Gift is not keeping it to a minimum.

For example:

He lifted her and carried her to the bed, her hair falling back from her face. In the icy light, he slowly peeled off her tight jeans, secret hair, hair like the hair that covers me, and folded back the flimsy blue fabric of her blouse. His tongue pressed against her neck, her breasts. Voice of the beast rattling deep in his chest. To have and to have not.
Mother’s milk.


Even worse:

“Tender throat, tender belly,” he growled, licking her with his long tongue, soft under-paws lifting her breasts. Kneeling over her, he lifted her and impaled her gently on his sex . . .”

He impaled her gently on his sex? Seriously?
And these are only 2 short excerpts of the many throughout the book. It’s all so pointless to me. It does nothing to further the plot, nothing to give us a better insight into either of the characters. I suppose the sex is there for entertainment purposes . . ? But for me it’s just a bunch of annoying detours.
Back to the story please.

The writing is, however, very rich and detailed, an example of which can be read in my last post. But the author also has some odd or unusual word choices. “Wondrously maddening” and “powerfully exciting/excited”- these seem be her favorite, “powerfully excited”, “powerfully exciting.” Very unique, but I don’t like it. I would prefer the standard ‘very excited’, or ‘extremely exciting’, perhaps even ‘ecstatic.’ Ecstatic is a great word.
However, I get that she is describing the feelings of a character who is, after all, a werewolf. So I can see that if “powerful” was ever going to work to describe excitement, this would be the book. She also uses the word ‘flesh’ a lot, a word that I don’t really care for because it’s annoying. But, again, I get it: werewolf.  Not to mention sex with a werewolf. How could she not use the word flesh? (A million times.)

Honestly, I’m now completely sure I’d rather have sex with a vampire. Although I will have to make an exception for Jacob. Speaking of which, the similarities between this and the Twilight series- I wish I had the time to go into it!

jacob and edward

I will finish this book but I’m not sure if I’ll read the next one- The Wolves of Midwinter. It was actually Wolves of Midwinter which crossed my path first but I didn’t want to read it until I had read The Wolf Gift. Depending on how the rest of this book goes, and how it ends, I might read Wolves of Midwinter. That’s just such a great title!
We’ll see.

wolves of midwinter


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