EverMoreTheClever: A Passion For Words

colorful brain

How to explain what this blog is about….

The subtitle is a good summary: A passion for words. Another good subtitle would be: Lines, Quotes, and Lyrics. It might seem like this blog is all over the place, and I admit that the topic or theme of my posts will vary,  but each post will contain at least one quote from a movie, book, or song; or make reference to a movie, book, or song. Most often there will be multiple quotes from multiple sources- all tied together by a particular idea, theme, topic, or even just a single word.

I derive inspiration from so many things: imagination, creativity, philosophy, culture, psychology, spirituality, nature, history, theology, science, mythology, religion, movies, books and song lyrics- especially books and song lyrics. I so greatly appreciate good writing! I also have a really good memory so whatever I read, see, or hear reminds of something else I’ve read, seen, or heard. The connections my brain makes seem to be endless!

blue brain connections


The problem is that no one I know likes to read as much as I do, gives as much thought to song lyrics, or makes the connections that I do. I have so much on my mind but not enough people to share it all with. That’s one reason I started this blog- I needed an outlet. The other is that I’m a stay-at-home parent. (Two kids- one boy, one girl. Ages 12 and 5.)

“My children have always existed at the deepest center of me, right there in the heart/hearth, but I struggled with the powerful demands of motherhood, chafing sometimes at the way they pulled me away from my separate life, not knowing how to balance them with my unwieldy need for solitude and creative expression.”
(Sue Monk Kidd, Traveling with Pomegranates)

I often tell people that being a stay-at-home parent is “a strange existence.” In so many ways this “strange existence” fits me really well. I like the autonomy and flexibility. I love what it’s done for my relationship and bond with my kids. I like that most days I can set the pace and tone of my day. For me it’s a lot less stress and pressure than having a career, working full-time and having a family. I’m lucky that my husband makes enough for me to not have to work full-time. (I do have a part-time job, only 16 hours a week, pretty basic clerical stuff, very low stress.) However, after being a stay-at-home parent for about 5 years, I’m discovering that it can also be a bit lonely and boring.  There isn’t much opportunity to meet people that you share common interests with, not much opportunity for intelligent, stimulating, adult conversation! I needed something cerebral to do, something creative. I needed to use and engage my very active mind- or else succumb to insanity! I needed something that enabled me to set reachable goals, something to make me feel like I’m part of the larger world.

This blog is satisfying all of that- and then some. ( :
It’s a lot more work than I expected, but it’s so good for me.

“Our labour preserves us from three great evils- weariness, vice, and want.”

“Let us cultivate our garden.”

(Voltaire, Candide)


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